Workshop & Panels

As part of its dedication to further developing and growing the film industry in San Antonio the Film Commission provides workshops and panels for local film professionals. To get notifications of these events, be sure to sign up for our FilmSA e-newsletter for the most up-to-date information.

Actor's Gym - San Antonio, Tx

What is Actor’s Gym – San Antonio?   Brought to you by the Center for the Cinematic Arts, Inc., Actor’s Gym San Antonio affords actors the opportunity to gain on-set experience in a safe and supportive environment, while working within a real set environment and with an award-winning crew. Actor’s Gym San Antonio also provides local screenwriters an opportunity to get paid for their scripts to be used during the five-week, intensive workshop as well as be recognized by the San Antonio Film Commission. The best part – through the support of the San Antonio Film Commission – Actor’s Gym San Antonio is offered FREE for selected participants!

Congratulations to the five screenwriters and 20 actors selected for the 2017 Actor's Gym San Antonio. 

Screenwriters: Mark A. Zuniga, Lise Larsen Pyles, Daniel Gonzalez, Patty Sandoval Sralla and Scott Pewenofkit. 

Actors: Reiki Amadeus Jimenez, Brian Balderrama, Daria Avant, Ingrid Rodriguez, Joel Crabtree, Karina Carielo, Christine Patmon, Rebecca Gonzales, Elanor Crow, Angel Velez, DeAnna Brown, Kacie LaCombe, Rocio Maloney, Jordan Mauro Peña, Aaron Ramos, Joseph Rene Perez Herrera, Candice Lashayg, Julie Rothe, Renessa Sanders and Nikki Zarate.