Cast & Crew Calls

Have a cast or crew call that you would like shared with professionals in the San Antonio film industry? Send all the details to the San Antonio Film Commission and we’ll make sure we spread the word here and on our social media channels! Be sure to check out @filmsanantonio on Facebook for immediate cast and crew calls. 



Logline: During a government fundraiser, a human experiment stands against the donors who created her, shedding light on the kinship between our government and large media conglomerates.
Compensation: Unpaid
Shooting Days: 1 day, Second or Third Week of January 2020 (contingent on location)
Needed Crew: Production Designer, Set Decorator and Makeup Artist 


Needed Cast:

  • Roman (Female, 35 - 55) Protagonist - Roman has suffered in silence her entire life knowing she can not speak out against her “privilege” for fear of social exile, but her time is up.
  • Landry (25 - 45) Supporting Character - Romans confidant and long-time friend.
  • Client (35 - 65) Antagonist - They are a part of the government, their job is to raise annual government funds through private donors.
  • Event Manager (28 - 50) Supporting Character - An uptight hotel staff liaison, who is eager to please the Client.
  • Broadcaster (25 - 45) Featured Character.
  • Military Guard 1 (25 - 40) Featured Character - Must be comfortable holding a weapon.
  • Military Guard 2 (25 - 40) Featured Character - Must be comfortable holding a weapon.
  • Military Guard 3 (25 - 40) Speaking Role - Must be comfortable holding a weapon.
  • Event Guests (35 & Up) Background - High-end wealthy Donors attending the event. Big plus to own formal black-tie attire!

How to Submit: Email the role you are auditioning for (in the subject line), attach your reel or a video that showcases your acting, and include the city you live in and if you have formal attire you can wear for the shoot to