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Casting Call - #AccessDenied Student Film
Deadline to Submit: Wednesday, December 12

Want additional acting experience and to help out a student project? Please find details for a casting call for the short film #AccessDenied, filming Dec. 14.

PROJECT: #AccessDenied, a short film about a young waitress who finally gathers enough guts to approach and speak to her crush after months of fantasizing about him, just to discover that he'll never be hers.


UNPAID: Film Credit, Digital Copy, Meals

FILMING DATE: Friday, December 14 (this short is 6 pages long, takes places in a diner in San Antonio, Texas, and has some pretty easy dialogue. The shoot will be about 4 to 6 hours long)


  • TIFFANY, 20 - 25, Female, any ethnicity. Tiffany is a young college student and waitress at the local Tip Top Diner. She's shy and suffers from extreme anxiety. Her battle is within. In her imagination, she's created this false overconfident, rude, and degrading persona of herself. Tiffany struggles to overcome her own insecurities. (The person playing this character will play two people; the original Tiffany and her alter ego.)
  • DIAMOND, 20 - 25, Male, any ethnicity. Diamond is Tiffany's best friend. He's gay and has a very vibrant and hilarious personality. He's Tiffany's encouragement and motivation throughout the short.
  • JAKE, 20 - 30, Male, any ethnicity. Jake is the good looking man that Tiffany has fell in love with. He has a beautiful smile and a nice physique. Even though all the ladies love Jake, Jake is gay. He appreciates every compliment but prefers men. (As a person who is quiet and reserved, the only way that we discover that Jake is gay is through dialogue at the very end of the film.)
  • THE WOMAN, 20 - 30, Female, any ethnicity. A beautiful woman walks into the Diner to meet with Jake. This character doesn't have any dialogue.
  • THE CUSTOMER, 20 - 50, Female, any ethnicity. The customer dashes Tiffany in the face with a glass of water after Tiffany accidentally speaks to her with a slight attitude. This character has minimal dialogue.
  • EXTRAS, Extras needed for the Diner.

CONTACT INFO: To submit, email headshots, resume, cover letter and reel (if available) to with the Subject Line: #AccessDenied - "Role Auditioning For" - "Your Name"

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