Filmmakers have been shooting in San Antonio since the 1920s. The city boasts iconic locations like the Alamo and River Walk as well as urban neighborhoods, military installations, manicured landscapes, rugged terrain and historic homes that seem to have been frozen in time. Parts of the city and surrounding areas have been featured in a number of independent and studio films and TV shows through the years, including the winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture (Wings, 1927). Here is a sample list of some productions produced or filmed in the city, ordered by year of principal photography.

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  • American Ninja Warrior
    “We truly enjoyed our experience in San Antonio and found the city – from government and private organizations to its citizens – to be a place of true hospitality,” said Sean Fitzgibbons, Line Producer, American Ninja Warrior Season Nine. “I was most impressed with the level of detail placed into making sure our experience was productive and enjoyable, including the City opening its incredible SA-CAN film studios for our use. It makes all the difference in the world to be in a place as film-friendly as San Antonio.”
  • CNN
  • Margarita Man
    "It's always nice to film in San Antonio, Texas with really good writers, producers and a great crew & talent pool. Since working on Studio Pictures such as Selena, 8 Seconds, The Newton Boys – and many more here in the 90's – I knew that the San Antonio Film Commission would make it stress-free for me to shoot my independent feature film, "The Margarita Man" in this beautiful city".

    - Daniel "Danny" Ramos, DGA / SAG-AFTRA, Executive Producer / Director
  • No More Running
  • Switch
  • Texas Cotton
  • GH5
  • Rosa's Esperanza
  • Stomp Kids
  • Who Am I?
  • HGTV's House Hunters
  • ITV's James Martin's American Adventure
  • DIY's First Time Flippers
  • Curiosity TV's Eclipse Across America
  • No More Running
  • Damsel
  • Come Play With Me
  • Lush
  • Freeword: Moment of Impact
  • Bone to Pick
  • Losing All Sense of Direction
  • Found
  • MTV's My Super Sweet 16
  • Travel Channel's Extreme RV
  • WWE Network's Royal Rumble
  • Travel Channel's Food Paradise
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  • Texas Girl


  • High School