Cast & Crew Calls

Do you have a cast or crew call that you would like shared with professionals in the San Antonio film industry? Send all the details to the San Antonio Film Commission and we’ll make sure we spread the word here and on our social media channels!

"Dime" Short Film. Unpaid. 
Deadline - December 17

This short film is unpaid with food and drink provided on set. Headshots, resumes and/or reels should be sent to


  • Marshall Bolton - a withered, older detective investigating the murder of his brother. He has a very mysterious and gruff presence and speaks like a detective in classic film noirs. 
  • Jim Bolton - an innocent man, yet stern appearance. Believed to have had ties to the mafia and he is murdered in the beginning of the film.
  • Natalie Bolton - Jim's beautiful wife (widow), she deeply mourns his death, yet she has a secret to keep. Very mysterious and seductive-like.
Shoot Dates: December 20 and 21.

Editor Needed for SAG Comedy Series
Deadline - December 15

Are you a film editor and colorist at the top of your game? Do you have experience cutting comedy film or sitcoms? Do you want to work with the filmmaker of the year and award-winning actors? Get in on the hottest new SAG comedy series taking place right here in South Texas! WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!

Send your reel, resume, and rate to

Learn more about the series at


Production company looking for up and coming camera operators to help shoot Second Season of DIY/HGTV’s Pool Kings.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Owns Camera
  • Good Eye
  • Self-Starter
  • Tech Knowledge
  • Responsible and Responsive
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Eager to Work


  • Hourly Rate
  • Camera Operator credit
  • Possible larger role on future shoots and/or seasons of Pool Kings

Contact: Production Manager, or call 215.862.9100