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    Krystal Jones
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The Film Committee

A subcommittee of the San Antonio Arts Commission, the Film Committee is consists of individuals with expertise across the film industry. The responsibility of this committee, which meets once a month, includes reviewing the progress of the San Antonio Film Commission’s Strategic Plan, participating in public meetings concerning the local film industry and beyond, and making reports at regular San Antonio Arts Commission meetings. The members of the Film Committee currently include:

Dagoberto Patlan, Committee Chair and District 1 Representative
Nettie Hinton, District 2 Representative
Valeria Hernandez, District 5 Representative
Matt Orenstein
Kerry Valderrama

Per the San Antonio Arts Commission bylaws, the Film Committee can comprise of up to 11 members. If you are interesting in volunteering your time and commitment to the San Antonio film industry by serving on the Film Committee, please contact Krystal Jones at

How We Can Help

The San Antonio Film Commission is your one-stop shop for all things film making in the seventh largest city in the US.

The Film Commission can help with film permits, location scouting, government liaison services, crew and resource information, casting calls, and more.

Named an "On the Cusp" big city for Movie Maker Magazine's 2017 "Best Places to Live and Work as a MovieMaker" list, San Antonio welcomes film projects with open arms.

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